EWM Troubleshooting

The EWM <-> Erp Queue

Sometimes the Queue between the ERP and the EWM will not run. The delivery in the EWM can’t created or the update from the EWM to the ERP will not work.

We are specialized to maintain these kind of problems!

If the Delivery or shipment is not updated, it’s not possible to write the invoice.

Material movements in the warehouse to a different storage location, can not postet into the ERP MM-IM. Differences in the MM-IM to the EWM inventory can be critical. Outbound deliveries can’t proceed, the production supply is not possible.

If the EWM can’t create a local copy from the inbound delivery, the warehouse worker can’t receive the delivery, the inbound can’t be posted into the stock. That is a critical situation.

We have solved this kind of problems many times and we are able to make your EWM run.