Logi-Fox GmbH is a specialized SAP® services company focused to support SAP customers maximize their operational efficiencies and distribution velocity by leveraging SAP supply chain execution applications, including Warehouse Management (WM), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), SAP Console ® and ITSMobile ® .

We provide the international industry in ERP and warehouse software, We analyse the current situation and give a suitable solution for the customer.

MM experts, with deep MM-IM and purchasing experience. QM specialists and QIE. We can offer support for the Queue-Management (SMQ2). Analyze of the issues, the source of the issues and we can fix the issues.

ABAP developer with comprehensive knowledge in development and design.

Migration from SAP R/3 ® to S/4 Hana ®.

Upgrade your SAP R/3 ® to S/4 Hana ® (1709, 1809, 1909, 2009, 20xx, 21xx). We have implemented a couple of embedded EWM ®. Our customer are happy with our solutions.

We have experience with SAP EWM since 2007. With SAP since 1998.

We deliver SAP logistic solutions since 1998.